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D-Town Sting Festival 2018

It was great having you in 2018.

LPB - Entertainment & Service gives thanks to the Team, Artists, Fans, Engenuier and the security Team for the loyal support. One Love!

Dantan Humble - Sting Dem

Dantan Humble - Sting Dem

The Legend Dantan Humble live at D-Town Sting 2017 Jamaican Culture Reggae Open Air Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Dantan Humble - Watta Day Sting

Dantan Humble - Whatta Sting Day

The Legend Dantan Humble live at D-Town Sting 2016 Jamaican Culture Reggae Open Air Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Jamaican Culture Reggae Open Air Festival

D-Town Sting is a Caribbean feeling in the middle of Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine Westphalia.

D-Town Sting is an annual Jamaican Culture Reggae Open Air Festival and since the start in 2016 a permanent part of the summer in Dusseldorf and the surrounding area and is getting bigger and more diverse from year to year.

Every year in September, but 2018 we present more fun for the Fans, August 31 until September 02. Fans of Reggae and Dancehall will be gathering  on the ground of the Schützenhaus in Flingern.

They are looking forward to music with a feeling and rhythm that carries the sunlight and the relaxed atmosphere of Jamaica in their hearts. D-Town Sting is for everyone, but especially for those who like the Caribbean lifestyle and Jamaican music or for those who want to get to know this culture. D-Town Sting is the largest Jamaican Culture Open Air Festival in the middle of the city of Dusseldorf.Logo d townsting 600

Every year D-Town Sting presents the best Jamaican artists who heat up the festival so even non dancers starts to swing. In addition to good music, culture and other attractions, our service is friendly and ready to provide everyone with delicious Caribbean and traditional Jamaican food. In addition to beer and other drinks, our visitors have access to original Jamaican rum and rum punch. Authentic and Familiar D-Town Sting is an authentic festival and is suitable for families and children.

So come with your families, relatives, friends or colleagues and enjoy the last big festival and the Caribbean feeling just before the end of the summer. Every year we are happy to welcome you and every year we become bigger and with your help we bring the Caribbean feeling of Jamaica directly to Dusseldorf every year for us all and celebrate a glittering festival together.

Fan Artists - Support 2017

Fan Artists - Support 2017

Give Thanks to all my Artists collegues for supporting the Jamaican Culture Reggae Open Air Festival, to divine love, unity and morality among all mankind  D-Town Sting in Germany.

Reggae Festival

Only D-Town Sting can free your mind

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