Dantan Humble's Birthday Reggae Anniversary

Reggae Fans around the world,

The one and only Orginal Dantan Humble aka Jah Be from Jamaica will be celebrating his Birthday and also his 45 Years in Reggae Music Business. Dantan Humble is one of the first Jamaican Rastafarai that came to Germany on a Rastafarai mission. Within 39 Years living in Europe and Jamaica with his Family and holding up the banner of Rastafarai and teaching the people about the real true vibes that Reggae music brings.

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He has build many Bands that been known today and for many artists he opened the platforms.

After all the work he has done in the reggae music business to show the people around the world only love, unity , understanding, morality and respect for each other, it doens't matter what race or color it may be, we are one! Let's celebrate!

Live on Stage:

Live on Stage from Jamaica Dantan Humble will bring the crowd to party and jump.

Travelling most countries in Europe Dantan Humble played on various occasions in the years 84 and 85 to support the activities against the famine in Ethiopia. The biggest show was played for 20.000 people for the project Menschen helfen Menschen in Germany with the Band Ghetto from the Netherlands. In 1992 he returned to Jamaica where he always finds the right vibe and inspiration for his music and songwriting In May 1993 he came back to concentrate on his career as a recording artist and toured Germany, Holland, France and Ghana / West Africa with the Ark Angels. Various recording projects with the XS-Gang and the Ark Angels at the Rheinklang Boris studios in Germany and the Iris Studios in the Netherlands.

The best of Roots Reggae, Rocksteady, Lovers Rock and Dancehall vibes will be waiting for all guests.

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Don't miss the energentic and stage capturing perfomance of the one and only Dantan Humble. A veteran in the Reggae Industry for many dacades with his experience to thrill the crowd.


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